Biscuit Filmworks UK Signs Olof Lindh

London, UK (October 19, 2018) – Biscuit Filmworks UK today announced the addition of director Olof Lindh to its roster. With an eye for evocative and authentic storytelling, Lindh has earned international accolades for his compelling work and was shortlisted for the Young Directors Award earlier this year.
“Olof has a keen eye for both the visual compositions and the emotional journeys that make for powerful storytelling,” said Rupert Reynolds-MacLean, Managing Director at Biscuit UK. “He has earned recognition throughout both his native Sweden and internationally, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with him.”
After studying at the Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Lindh cut his teeth on commercial shoots in Los Angeles before establishing a career as a director of commercials and music videos. In 2014 he received Sweden’s prestigious Kycklingstipendium award for top emerging creative talent. His 2016 award-winning tourism ad “This Is Sweden” went viral around the world, sharing poignant vignettes of the country’s unique qualities and receiving air time from New York to Istanbul. Lindh has also worked with top brands worldwide including Samsung, Spotify, Nike, H&M Group, Gradifi, and more. This year he was shortlisted for the Young Directors Award based on his work for Gradifi among others.
“I’ve had the great pleasure to get to know Rupert and the Biscuit team in recent months, and joining the Biscuit roster feels like the perfect fit,” shared Lindh. “I’ve always admired Biscuit’s ability to curate a roster that’s at once elegant and downright funny. Joining Biscuit marks an exciting new chapter in my career and I couldn’t be happier to work with their talented team.”
Lindh’s reel is available here: