The Glue Society 21 Years of Doing Things Differently

The Glue Society celebrate it’s growth and 21 years of bold, diverse and stimulating projects.  Here’s a look back on some of the collectives most iconic work on experiential and activation projects, entertainment and commercial direction, to art exhibitions, installations and sculpture!

GAYNZ Branch

What would a bank look like if it was designed to celebrate Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras as opposed to meeting corporate guidelines?

I Wish You Hadn’t Asked

By entering an ordinary looking house, visitors discovered this one rained on the inside. A seemingly strong and stable relationship can sometimes reach a point where the arrival of a single question can sow a seed of doubt or destruction. This artwork allowed the audience to explore this downfall in a literal way.

Unforgotten Soldiers

For the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli, an 8-hour performance was created to bring soldier’s stories back to life. As years go by, our connection to historic events moves from survivors to images.

Tiger Trading

How does Asia’s #1 premium beer launch in the US market and shatter the stigma of products that are made-in-Asia? From artistic concept, store design, artist curation & build, The Glue Society transformed a faded discount store into a showcase of the best Asian art, fashion, design, and beer.

Ansiosos y un Capuchón

Fernet Branca always focusses on the number 1882. In this film, we’re introduced to many anxious people battling their desire to chew on a pen cap or a fingernail.

Hiscox ‘Hack Unlimited’

What would a cyber attack look like in the real world? The Glue Society staged an IRL business hack to illustrate the dangers of cyber crime in this effective stunt for Hiscox small business insurance.