Ben Strebel Jägermeister “Be The Meister”

In his new film for Jaegermeister, ‘Be the Meister’, director Ben Strebel leans into the surreal with pumping electronic music, almost supernaturally dynamic camera movements and a sense of humour. Taking us on a POV journey as the beats blasted from Chase and Status’ speakers transform the world around them, the film moves slickly and trickily through cars, streets, bars, buses and minds through a night of hypnogogic urban revelry. Taking inspiration from sources as diverse as Magritte’s ‘Day and Night’, Noe’s ‘Enter The Void’ and Fincher’s ‘Panic Room’, Strebel’s ambitious film captures the abstraction, surreality and energy of music, each scene topping the last on it’s way to a dramatic and awesome finale with a combination of beautifully fluid cinematography, moody locations, neon light shows and an unrelenting BPM.